Meet Spot

Exactly how big is 8.3mm? As best as I can guess it is about one third of an inch, miniscule to some, however it is far too large to me. You see, that is the size of the spot on my liver. Described as possibly metastic. Metastasis as described in my dictionary is the transfer […]

Don’t Go It Alone

I received a call from my physician’s office; this is my PCP, primary care physician. He wanted to see me the next day. No information on why, I didn’t ask. I didn’t want the answer. When your doctor calls and wants to see you right away, it probably is not good news. My visit to […]

You Look Mahvelous!

My husband asked me if it bothered me when people tell me how good I look. Seems like a strange question doesn’t it? That’s because it’s my perception that people expect me to look like a holocaust survivor just because I have inoperable and incurable cancer. I should at this point introduce you to my […]

Captain of Your Ship

My very humble non-medical advice to anyone who is dealing with a health crisis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other major illnesses is that no matter how afraid you are; what you do not know is going to come your way no matter how much you try to hide. The elephant in the room is […]